About the company

Our company was founded in 2014. Our main profile is the general construction off medium sized offices, but we also carry out planning and project management tasks. Our main aim is to deliver cost-efficient and qualitative work under the least amount of time possible, by always bearing the customer’s needs in mind. Our client’s satisfaction and trust are the most important for us, therefore we do our best to be reliable and professionally prepared partners. Last but not least, it is important to mention that our company is a 100% Hungarian owned. By choosing us, you not only support the environment, but also the Hungarian economy.


László Tusori, our company director, has been working in the building industry for more than 20 years, thus he has extraordinary professional experience. Our financial director, Gergely Csébi, has been working as an entrepreneur and company director for almost 20 years. He is not only proficient in economics, but also in the world of IT. Thanks to his knowledge, our work is supported by modern systems and solutions. Our construction and project managers have already taken through more than a 100 projects. They have more than enough experience with due expertise.


Our processes

First we like to sit down with our clients for a meeting to discuss the project details, and we also do an on-site visit together. Afterwards we can make a contract and prepare the project plan. The tasks are given to our reliable and experienced subcontractors. Their work is managed and supervised by our construction managers on-site. We constantly inform our clients about the processes, which they can also follow online through the PGH portal. In order to provide the best service possible, we constantly keep track of new technological solutions, we only work with well-trained and dependable professionals, and we only undertake jobs that we can carry out a 100%.

Our system

We operate with Office 365 company management system. Beginning from 2021, our company issues electronic invoices and contracts, which are certified by electronic signatures. We think that it is indispensable for a business today to operate with modern systems, and it is very important to evolve constantly. In 2021 we also created the Palota Gipsz Hungary portal, where our clients can see and follow the project schedule. Moreover, they can find pictures about the construction, weekly reports, price offers, and contracts. It is even possible to contact the project participants directly through the portal.


We consider it indispensable for a company to deal with the environment responsibly. Therefore we strive to set an example and reduce environmental damage as much as possible. During our projects, we always make sure to manage all generated waste properly. Additionally, we use recycled paper for our business cards and in our office. Starting from 2021 our contracts and invoices are issued and certified electronically, in order to decrease our paper usage.